Dancing-Elephants-in-Pink-Tutus dot COM    Dancing-Elephants-in-Pink-TuTus.com         

         Oh, Come-on !!      What did you expect?        

     This is a re-constructed legacy web site from the early days of "animated GIF abuse".  

                                             Read "why" this page still exist, in the VectorInter.Net newsletter archives.   

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Dancing-Elephants-in-Pink-Tutus dot COM
Dancing-Elephants-in-Pink-Tutus dot COM
Dancing-Elephants-in-Pink-Tutus dot COM
Dancing-Elephants-in-Pink-Tutus dot COM

  Are you annoyed with the animation on this page yet?

The web site www.Dancing-Elephants-in-Pink-Tutus.com was created in the 1993-1995 era, when a new and popular, "must have" toy called "the world-wide-web", began to appear in more and more homes. [Thanks to AOL for keeping the US Postal service profitable, by mailing so many promotional discs] It's hard to believe, NOW, but web designers were not any more graceful, when the technology was limited, than they are today. About 1994, new web browser technology became commonplace, allowing for the introduction of "plug-ins". These new developments started us on the road to "multi-media" web sites we know today. This obviously, stupid web site was created in a futile attempt to demonstrate why "too much" animation was undesirable. We’ve all seen websites with too much. You know what we mean. Too much color, too much animation, too many moving GIF images, just too much. We collectively started calling these web sites, "Dancing Elephants in Pink Tutus -dot- com, in dis-honor of the design trend.
During one particularly boring airport layover, we thought, "what if we really created the site and used it during the presentation" Unfortunately no one "got the joke", and the web site became popular !! There is no accounting for taste.

We were embarrassed by the sites popularity, so in a fit of anger, we deleted it in 1997, but the domain name registration money had been paid, so we retained the URL ownership. Just about the time, it was set to expire and be lost to "internet-folklore history", two things happened.
>1 We began to do presentations about the "early days" on the internet... simple, entertaining things, for Chamber of Commerce lunches and High School "Career-Day" events, on topics like: Who invented the @ symbol in every e-mail? and How Web Site Hosting Works [in fact, those original VectorInter.Net newsletter archives still exist today, in their original form.]
>2 The trend in "flashy", blinky, tacky eye-ball-burning web pages was continuing and we needed a silly extreme example to make a point. We were too busy [too lazy] to re-create a new example in modern animation, so we just re-hosted the old site, for nostalgia sake.

The VectorInter.Net enterprise has moved well away from building web sites and retail web hosting, but the trend of designing ugly web sites has never faltered. We are proud to leave this web site, online, hoping each successive generation of web designers will find it and "take a hint". No matter what new technology comes along we are confident that schools that teach technology will continue to produce generation after generation of web designers that will use it "too much".      

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